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Remagy|Professional Snowshoe Supplier & Manufacturer

Since 2010, Hangzhou Ruimaijie Trading Co., Ltd. has been devoted to outdoor walking in the snow season.

We have complete production equipment and professional technical processes, from product design, manual samples, quality testing to parts packaging, we carefully execute each step to achieve the highest quality products.

Ruimaijie knows that a snowshoe / non-slip shoe cover design cannot meet the needs of all users. Therefore, each of our products is specially developed and produced for different winter outdoor application scenarios. "Winter hiking" emphasizes the quality, performance, reliability of products and ensures your safety. Our goal is to make outdoor hiking in winter safer and more convenient.

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    Manufacturing belong Your project
    According to the different characteristics and scenes of outdoor sports in the ice and snow season, molds with different functions are designed, and materials with cold and frost resistance are used to produce snow shoes / non-slip shoe covers for different application scenarios.
    Motto Mission

    In order to let you do what you like, design and produce the best performance snow shoes for work and entertainment. Make walking outdoors easy and fun.

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